The Imperative of Recognising Artisanal Fishworkers' Fishing Access Rights

The workshop will examine the closely interlinked issues of access rights to productive resources and livelihood rights for small-scale and artisanal fisheries in the southern cone of Latin America. The focal countries will include Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela and Chile. All these countries have significant artisanal fisheries, and highly active fishworker organisations and support NGOs. In all cases, the artisanal fishworker organisations consider the zoning regulations to be of major importance.

With this in mind, the meeting intends to examine the issue of priority access to fishing grounds on the one hand and that of land tenure on the other.

In addition to strengthening regional networks of fishworker organisations and NGOs, the workshop will aims to inform and influence fisheries management policy at national, regional and international levels.

The specific objectives are to:

  • promote understanding about the value and importance of sustainable fisheries, and about fisheries management measures that recognise and protect the access rights of artisanal and small-scale fishworkers;
  • review the contribution of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development (poverty alleviation, food security, resource conservation etc) in Latin American countries;
  • review the various formal and informal management provisions that have been adopted by countries in the Southern Cone region of Latin America to protect access rights of artisanal fishworkers to fisheries resources, and to examine the effectiveness of these provisions for protecting livelihoods and for improving management of fisheries resources;
  • within a sustainable fisheries framework, highlight the need to develop, strengthen and improve measures to protect the access rights of artisanal and small-scale fishworkers;
  • Review the FAO Code of Conduct, and highlight the particular contribution its implementation could make to protecting and promoting small-scale fisheries.

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